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What is Homeopathy?

Homeopathy is a complete system of medicine, embracing a natural, holistic approach to healing. It recognises that all symptoms of ill health are expressions of dis-harmony or dis-ease within the person, therefore, it follows that it is the person who needs treatment not the disease or illness itself.

How does Homeopathy work?

Homeopathic remedies work by stimulating the body’s own healing power. This stimulus will assist your own system to clear itself of any symptoms of imbalance. The aim is to get you to a level of health so that eventually you will need less frequent treatment.

Homeopathy is applicable for so many conditions because Homeopathic case taking and prescribing does not centre on just a diagnosis or name of disease, but on the patients uniquely expressed totality of feelings, sensations and symptoms.

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What can Homeopathy treat?

Homeopathy treats the person rather than the named disease, so potentially it can help patients with a wide range of conditions, both acute and chronic, mental, emotional and physical.

Illnesses commonly seen by Homeopaths in their clinics include recurrent infections; such as colds, tonsillitis, cystitis, skin complaints, hormonal, menstrual and menopausal complaints, Chronic Fatigue, migraines and headaches, and stress related symptoms such as anxiety and insomnia, as well as stomach disorders; such as IBS, ear infections and childhood complaints. The list is limitless.

The aim of Homeopathy

The aim of the Homeopathic approach to illness is to remove the cause of the dis-ease at its source, homeopathic medicines are prepared from naturally occurring substances, mainly plant and minerals, also chemical and animal sources. Homeopathy treats the individual person, it is non-invasive, natural, safe, gentle and rapid, it takes physical, mental and emotional well being into account.

Can Homeopathy help me?

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Working with you and your body bringing you to optimal wellness, the natural way”

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